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Apr 24,2019

yabo真人娱乐Neustar Research shows large attacks growing as multi-vector exploits increasingly become the norm


4月24日,2019 – STERLING,Va.yabo真人娱乐Neustar,Inc.,a trusted,实时信息服务的中立提供者,today released its Q1,《2019年网络威胁和趋势报告》强调了过去一年分布式拒绝服务(ddos)攻击的新增长领域。

The report affirms that DDoS attacks continue to be an effective means to distract and confuse security teams while inflicting serious damage to brands.

The report reveals that while volumetric attacks over 50Gbps remain a relatively small segment of the overall threat picture at only 12% of attacks,their frequency has grown enormously when compared to the same period in 2018.The latest attacks morph over the course of the attack using a variety of ports and protocols to locate and exploit vulnerabilities.在Q1中,2019,超过77%的攻击使用了两个或多个向量。

In particular,the trend of targeting subnets and classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) blocks to slow or stop network traffic across the internet is a disruptive DDoS threat,在报告中确定。By using DDoS methods aimed completely at subnets,rather than specific IP addresses,an attack is often more difficult to detect and mitigate.These attacks often feature multiple vectors,并在它们从子网迁移到子网时在它们之间进行切换。

yabo真人娱乐Neustar handled a mitigation for just such an attack in an around-the-clock collaboration between SOC engineers and a new customer who was quickly onboarded by Neustar after being dropped [during the attack] by their Tier 1 Internet Service Provider (ISP).

“今天的人工智能和机器学习技术使我们能够识别异常流量和模式,跨系统关联数据,and perform behavioral analytics on users and entities," said Rodney Joffe,yabo真人娱乐Neustar高级副总裁,Technologist and Fellow.“但没有专业人员知道如何部署这些系统,这些系统都无法正常工作,interpret their data,确定问题的存在和位置,减轻他们。”

Such immediate personal involvement with expert engineers is a significant benefit in working with an established firm such as yabo真人娱乐Neustar,尤其是受到攻击时。"yabo真人娱乐Neustar's 10+Tbps of scrubbing capacityand variety of offerings are world class,and we have more power than ever to defend against the range of DDoS attacks," said Michael Kaczmarek,yabo真人娱乐Neustar Vice President of Security Products."But it's important to remember our most powerful defense: people."

yabo真人娱乐Neustar为其客户提供所需的资源和保证,以确保数据和基础设施能够持续受到任何类型或规模的ddos攻击的保护。yabo真人娱乐Neustar的DDOS缓解解决方案提供了北美最大的专用全球网络,具有超过10Tbps+的净化能力,Europe,Asia,南美洲,非洲,Australia and India.

A complimentary copy of The yabo真人娱乐Neustar Q1'19 Cyber Threats and Trends Report is availablehere.

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