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Authoritative 亚博百家乐Identity

AdAdvisor provides audience insights that increase digital advertising relevancy fueled by the most authoritative consumer information available.AdAdvisor not only enables accurate targeting based on ZIP,age and gender,but also a wide range of attributes,including brand preferences,product affinities,以及心理变量。In contrast to traditional behavioral targeting data providers—where a behavioral "segment" represents a single behavior based on a recent observation—our audiences are derived from our real-time consumer insight engine and make thousands of insightful behaviors available based on verified offline information.

Essential Elements

Adadvisor由基于家庭级属性的消费者数据驱动,lifestyles and interests,and product preferences derived from the yabo真人娱乐Neustar Customer Scoring and Segmentation™ platform.AdAdvisor uses Elements derived from this data to help you find new prospects and precisely target desired audiences.

Adadvisor元素表示一组与离线属性相关的同质家庭,behaviors,custom profiles and demographics.Each individual element number indicates the likelihood of a household to exhibit a specific attribute or behavior,so you can find the online audience that is most likely to respond to your campaign.

Customizing the AdAdvisor Experience

Adadvisor中的受众群体是一个个体元素的集合,这些元素组合在一起,代表了美国人口中与特定品牌有密切关系的一个子集,product or service.

In an effort to help simplify the selection process for our 亚博真人龙虎斗clients and partners,we created the AdAdvisor Library,and keep it consistently updated.The AdAdvisor Library is a collection of hundreds of Audience Groups,直观地表示在一个标准的PDF模板。

Adadvisor库对访问群体进行分类报告分为高级类别和子类别。在这个门户中,you can search for general products (for example: automobiles) or specific brand affinity (for example: Lexus),dependent on the audience you want to reach.

Find out how yabo真人娱乐Neustar can help you succeed in the connected world.

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