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yabo真人娱乐Neustar PageAdvisor for Real-time Website Personalization

Turn Anonymity into Opportunity

Consumers no longer want to be sold to.They want something that interests them;then,they expect your brand to be able to anticipate their desires and needs.Every customer experience impacts their loyalty to your brand,and so every experience must have value.

But when most of your site visitors are unauthenticated and you are limited to on site behavioral data,real personalization becomes a real challenge.If you're optimizing based on behavioral data signals alone,you risk mistakinginterest for purchase intent.How do you drive incremental lift?

yabo真人娱乐Neustar PageAdvisor®bridges the anonymity gap by providing the user preference,demographic,and purchase propensity data you need to deliver relevance and maximize the potential of your website visitors.Our 亚博百家乐identity layer works hand-in-hand with your website personalization to provide a targeted and relevant experience every time.

Understand Your Non-Authenticated Users

Even visitors who have previously visited your site may not authenticate every time.PageAdvisor builds on your existing CRM data,comparing it against ourindustry-leading authoritative 亚博百家乐identity methodology,providing the yabo真人娱乐privacy-friendly datapoints you need to serve a relevant experience.No longer is authentication a prerequisite to personalization.

Personalize the Customer Experience in Real Time

What if you could present targeted creative and offers to your website visitors,even when you have little to no information about them?With PageAdvisor,you can.Using yabo真人娱乐Neustar's proprietary ElementOne analytics and segmentation platform,PageAdvisor gives marketers access to thousands of consumer attributes that can be used to segment visitors,inform the customized website experience,increase visitor interaction,and drive greater conversion.

Whether customers or prospects,unknown or non-authenticated,PageAdvisor provides the complete customer insights you need to deliver a meaningful customer website experience in real time.

PageAdvisor Customer Insights

Just some of the types of customer data PageAdvisor can return to inform your website personalization.

E1 Predictive Segmentation CRM DMP Audiences
  • Demographics & Financials
  • Lifestyles,Opinions,& Attitudes
  • Product Potential & Purchase Intent
  • Shopping/browsing behavior ® Product/device usage
  • And much more
  • Existing/prospective customer
  • Loyalty card holder
  • Candidate for upgrade/renewal
  • Promotional audience
  • At-risk customer
  • And much more
  • Previous campaign exposure
  • Partner website visits
  • Any other audiences within your data management platform

Apply Website Learnings Across Your Enterprise

But PageAdvisor insights don't end with your website.Take those same audience and personalize across all experiences,online and offline.PageAdvisor is part ofPlatformOne,an integrated marketing platform that constructs a single,accurate view of your customers and prospects across all touchpoints: website,paid media,call center,and more.And withyabo真人娱乐Neustar's Professional Services,you always have experts on-hand to assist with the modeling,personalization,and activation of your audience data.Your customers demand a personal experience across every channel.PageAdvisor makes it possible.

How yabo真人娱乐Neustar's PageAdvisor Works

Afteronboarding your CRM data,place the yabo真人娱乐Neustar pixel on your website.With every site visit,yabo真人娱乐Neustar will immediately return attribute or CRM data that your website optimization platform will use to serve a personalized experience.

Commitment to yabo真人娱乐Privacy

yabo真人娱乐Neustar is committed to the responsible use of personal information and predictive data to help businesses make better decisions and deliver personalized content without sacrificing indyabo真人娱乐ividual privacy.To accomplish this goal,we have adopted "yabo真人娱乐Privacy by Design" principles,taking personal yabo真人娱乐privacy into consideration throughout the process of designing,building,and delivering information products and services.yabo真人娱乐Neustar cookies do not contain or convey personal information about consumers.For extra protection,yabo真人娱乐Neustar cookies are encrypted.yabo真人娱乐Neustar is an active member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI),Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).All users have the ability to opt out of yabo真人娱乐Neustar by visiting or the DAA at

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